We became a registered Non-profit organization in February 2010 but are experienced in animal rescue since 2008. We have a passion to save the lives of less fortunate German Shepherd Dogs (GSD) and strive towards finding each one of them a loving home where they can be a loved and cared for.

Our mission is to educate and protect. We want to educate the public about how wonderful GSDs are. We want to teach dog bite prevetion and want the world to know what type of responsibility it takes in owning a dog. We want to educate the public about animal cruelity and how often it takes place, and how we can help stop it. We believe by educating the public we will reduce the number of dogs being returned to animal shelters.

We want to protect our GSD breed! We will take in GSD's from high kill shelters, abuse and neglect cases, strays, and dogs with health issues including seniors!

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